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Web Design

Having a website for your business is no longer optional. It's not if you need a website, it's what's on your site and how often it needs to be updated. Afterall, if you don't control your web presence, your competition will.
The ever-changing web may seem daunting, especially to small businesses. Change breeds new opportunities, however, which means you just need to know how to take advantage.

UX Design

User Experience (UX) Design is more than an industry buzz word. In the last 20 years our world has changed through screens - how we approach them, use them, and even hold them. UX Design is an attempt to rethink how we build modern design interfaces using all the new knowledge we have about people.
UX design changes the structure of interactive design so the user is the most important consideration when creating an interface. By putting the user first, your content gets in front of your target audience's eyes as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Graphic Design

Abby sees designing as solving a problem. As a result, her approach to creativity is structured. She designs based on research of the industry, past campaigns, and your current goals. Her design philosophy is informed by a comprehensive end-user
and audience awareness, which results in modern, user-friendly designs. Abby's approach ensures that websites and printed materials not only look great, but also serve the client’s strategic and business objectives.

Concept Development

You may not know exactly what you need and that's alright. Concept Development consists of sitting down with you and hashing out all your needs, brainstorming possible options, researching the best paths forward, and coming up with a strategic plan.
Essentially, Concept Development means discovering your objective then building the roadmap to get there. Years of working with small businesses has prepared Abby to help you.

Brand Identity

Brand identity allows your company to present a united front. Everything representing your business should have a consistent appearance and message. That includes your website, logo, business cards, and print materials of course, but may also include much more.
You want those who represent your company giving a consistent message to potential clients, right? Brand identity is a visual extension of that same idea. Branding makes sure your team has the tools and guidelines it needs to represent your company well.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics can help you add a lot of visual interest to a video. Even something as simple as adding lower thirds and a logo stinger can make your video appear much more professional. More complex graphics, such as animated infographics, could be just what you need to make your video sizzle.
Abby spent five years working for PMG Communications, which started out as a video production company that expanded to include web and graphic design services. In her time there, she was able to use graphic design and Adobe After Effects to develop her motion graphic skills.

Email Campaigns

Email Campaigns have a lot of their own rules and nuances. Their code must be compatible with all sorts of email clients, and they must be compliant with modern state and CAN-SPAM laws. You also have to strike a balance between informing and annoying your client base.
Thankfully you don't have to start from scratch. There are numerous online tools that can help keep you stay in compliance, and Abby even set it up for you. Plus, she can design a unique look and feel so your emails get noticed.


Wireframing refers to the architecture of your website, its basic bones and structure. Your website's wireframe is a key consideration in UX Design and should be regularly evaluated based on your user analytics.
Wireframing is the first essential building block when creating a new site, and can be tricky business when merging old content onto a new site.

Photo Manipulation

Photo Manipulation is often needed when choosing images to represent your business in print and on the web. This can include anything from color manipulation to align your images with your brand, product image touch-ups, image blending, and profile/headshot photo touch-ups.
Abby has been using Photoshop for over 15 years to manipulate images. Her proficiency with the software allows her to quickly make image changes that add a professional quality to all of her work.

Why Choose Wild Raspberry Design?


Abby sees designing as solving a problem. As a result, her approach to creativity is structured. She designs based on research of the industry, past campaigns, and your current goals. Abby always designs with the user in mind.


So much of design is listening. You have a unique product, a unique market, and a unique objective. Before attempting any design project, Abby must understand your uniqueness fully. Your input is fundamental.


Design needs will change, but business basics don't. You need work to be completed on time, every time. You need updates and progress checks. You need peace of mind knowing your creative team will deliver. Abby always does.

What people say?

I highly recommend Abby, without reservation, to anyone looking to take their business to the next level and implement a look and feel that is exciting, customer-friendly, functional, and representative of your company's ideologies and mission statement.

Dr. Chris Stankovich, Advanced Human Performace Systems

What people say?

We so appreciate your hard work on our website. Everyone that has seen it has told me how good it looks, and I couldn't be happier with the finished product.
Thank you for everything.

Mike McCauley, Savoir Cooking & Wine

What people say?

I felt extremely comfortable working with Abby from our first meeting, and I felt our time working together would be collaborative, exciting, and very
productive - which is exactly what happened.

Dr. Chris Stankovich, Advanced Human Performace Systems

What people say?

I've worked with Abby on projects ranging from print work to motion graphics and web design. She is more than just a brilliant designer; she is a savvy communications professional that understands how to leverage great design work as part of an overall communication strategy for any project.

Bryan Michael Block, b.complex creative

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